The world surrounding us is an endless sheet of categorically synthesized matter that drapes over our environmental landscape. Through a series of collective projections we participate in the grand performance that systematically ranks, categorizes and assigns value to objects, materials, and images.


Living several months of my youth in a home remodeling project has had a great influence on my work.  Being surrounded by clusters of debris, living in, a partially deconstructed home was influential to my methods of perception. For months I witnessed the tearing out of walls, exposing the raw studs, plumbing pipes, and electrical wiring.  My home had an infrastructure, and I was helping my parents to expose its inner design.


Employing insipid images and materials that are collectively charged with social signifiers, and class identity;  this work is a sinister response to a cultural drive to categorically rank material, organize our surroundings, and infuse our machines and structures with a hierarchical system of order. Although this work insists on formal purity, it never remains solely dependent upon the materials and imagery employed. Reversals are staged between banality and beauty, synthetic and organic, repulsion and attraction. By attempting to hold a mirror up for the public to see themselves, I reveal my own proclivities.  


Miles Neidinger - 2017